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七夕,古今诗人惯咏星月与悲情。吾生虽晚,世态炎凉却已看透矣。情也成空, 且作“挥手袖底风”罢。是夜,窗外风雨如晦,吾独坐陋室,听一曲《尘缘》,合 成诗韵一首,觉放诸古今,亦独有风韵也。乃书于纸上。毕而卧。凄然入梦。乙 酉年七月初七。 -----啸之记。

2010 年 6 月大学英语四级听力考试模拟试题 月大学英语四级听力考试模拟试题(9)
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Passage One
Questions 26 to 28 are based on the passage you have just heard. 26.[A] The importance of advertisement. [B] The society’s great need of advertisement. [C] The origin of advertisement. [D] The prosperity of advertisement. 27. [A] The local governments. [B] Their owners families. [C] Advertisements. [D] The audience. 28. [A] Advertising is personal. [B] Advertisements are convincing. [C] Advertisements are unreliable. [D] Advertisements are misleading.

Passage Two
Questions 29 to 31 are based on the passage you have just heard.

29. [A] The games shouldn’t be held in Salt Lake City. [B] The games have met their environmental goals. [C] The games did little to protect the environment. [D] The games have caused lasting damages to the area. 30. [A] Sports competition. [B] Cultural exchange. [C] Economic development. [D] Environmental protection. 31. [A] Building ski jumps farther away from the city. [B] Developing better public transportation in the city. [C] Planting more trees around the fields. [D] Promoting the use of cleaner energy.

答案和解析: 答案和解析:
Section B Passage One When you turn on the radio, you hear an advertisement. When you watch television, you hear and see an advertisement. If you turn the pages of a newspaper or magazine, again you find an advertisement. If you walk down the street, you see one advertising board after another. All day, every day, people who want to sell you something competent to catch your attention. As a result, advertisements are almost everywhere. In the West, advertisements are the fuel that makes mass media work. The government does not give money to mass media such as TV stations, newspapers, magazines and radio stations. They are all owned privately. So where does the money come from? From advertisements. Without advertisements, there would not be these private businesses. Have you ever asked yourself what advertising is? Through the years, people have given different answers to the question. For some time it was felt that advertising was a means of “keeping your name before the public.” And some people thought that advertising was “truth well told.” Now more and more people describe it in this way: Advertising is the paid, nonpersonal, and usually persuasive description of goods, services and ideas through various media.

All advertisements try to make people believe that the product, idea, or service advertised can do well to them. Advertisements exist everywhere in our lives. Questions 26 to 28 are based on the passage you have just heard. 26. What is the passage mainly about? 【解析】选[D]。这篇材料开篇就提到了广播、电视、报纸上的广告(advertisement),随后讲了 广告的定义,结尾说广告到处都存在,这表明本篇 讲的是广告的繁荣发展,故选项[D]符合题意。 27. What’s the financial source of the privately owned mass media? 【解析】 [C] 选项 选 。 [C] 符合题意, 依据是 So where does the moneycome from? From advertisements。 28. According to the passage, what is one of the features of advertisements? 【解析】 [B] 选项 选 。 [B] 符合题意, 依据是 Advertising is the paid, nonpersonal, and usually persuasive description of goods, services and ideas through various media。convincing 是 persuasive 的同义转述,意为 making you believe that something is true or right,即“使相信,使 确认”。 Passage Two Officials at the Olympic Games taking place in Salt Lake City, Utah, say they have met their environmental goals. However, environmental groups say the Salt Lake Olympic Games have done pemp3anent hamp3 to the area. Protection of the environment is now officially one of the three goals of the Olympic movement. The other two goals are sports and culture. Today, many cities seeking to hold the Olympic Games promise to offer greater protection for the environment. However, an environmental group says that the Salt Lake Olympic Committee make promises that it has not kept. For example, activists criticize ski jumps that were built into the sides of the mountains. They also criticize the officials for pemp3itting trees to be cut down and new roads built for the Olympic Games. They said better public transportation is needed to help decrease air pollution during the Games. And they said not enough has been done to reduce energy use. Lawyers say the Olympics are being used as an excuse to pemp3it development that nomp3ally would be unacceptable under the current environmental laws. Questions 29 to 31 are based on the passage you have just heard. 29. What do the environmental groups think of the Salt Lake Olympic Games? 【解析】[D]。在听录音之前,预览四个选项可知本文可能谈论的是 The games 与 environment 的问 题。原文中用转折语言引出环境组织的意见,however,。..have done pemp3anent hamp3 to the area, 故选[D]。 30. Which is not a goal of the Olympic movement?

【解析】[C]。四个选项均为含有积极色彩的名词短语,需要在听的过程中留意和它们有关的信息。 31. According to the environmental groups what is needed to decrease airpollution during the Games? 【解析】 [B]。预读选项可以推测此题考查的是保护环境的行为,需要留意文中有关这些行为的细节。 Passage Three Diet, diet, diet! It gets to be a constant battle for many of us to stay fit and healthy. But diets don’t always allow us to learn new eating habits, improve our self-image, or make lifestyle changes. Developing good eating habits and proper exercise is a pemp3anent issue. And it’s the main topic of this workshop. In order to keep a healthy diet and minimize the risk of disease, it’s essential to eat a diet that consists of low fat foods and to maximize energy with carbohydrates. Beef, nuts, oils, and most dairy products are rich in fat, so you should eat less of those; while pastry, rice, potatoes, and bread contain almost no fat and are a high energy source of complex carbohydrates. You know that many food manufactures use sugar to make low fat or fat free foods taste good, but don’t worry too much about that. You don’t necessarily “get fat” by eating sugar, since sugar is an indirect fat. When you exercise, carbohydrates are the first calories to burn, if you want to burn off fat, it’s good to do some sort of aerobic exercise such as biking, swimming, running, or fast walking. But you have to keep doing this exercise for at least twenty minutes because it takes about that long before we start to burn fat. And then the effect of burning fat decreases after forty-five minutes of exercise. So if you do some sort of aerobic exercise for three to four days a week for about thirty to forty minutes, you’ll have an affective schedule for reducing weight. Questions 32 to 35 are based on the passage you have just heard. 32. What is the main topic of this talk? 【解析】选[D]。在听录音之前,预览选项可知本文与饮食习惯和锻炼有关。 33. According to the speaker, which will burn most quickly with exercise? 【解析】选[B]。预读选项可知此题询问有关食物种类的细节,听的过程中需要留意对它们的描述。 本题答案依据为 When you exercise, cabohydrates are the first calories to burn, 根据常识 sugar 正是碳水化合物的一种,故选[B]。 34. According to the speaker, what is the most effective exercise time schedule for reducing weight?

【解析】选[D]。预读选项可知此题询问的有关锻炼的时间安排。注意,只要抓住 three to four days a week 这个关键信息就可以了。 35. What does the speaker say is burned at the beginning of exercise? 【解析】选[A]。预读选项可知此题询问的有关食物营养成分的细节。注意,Carbohydrates 的意思 是“碳水化合物”。

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