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一、紧急情况用语 ? I’ve lost my passport. 我的护照丢拉 ? Where is Chinese Embassy 中国大使馆在哪? ? Could you call for a Chinese speaking staff

二、常用英语口语 ? Thank you! ? Thanks a lot! ? Excuse me. ? Excuse the mess.

谢谢! 多谢! 对不起,麻烦你。 抱歉

? Can I help you


? Thank you for helping me.


? Thanks, anyway.


? How are you!


? How do you do!


? (It's) nice to meet you.


? Where are you from


? Can I have your name


? It was a pleasure meeting you. 很高兴认识你。

? Pleased to meet you.


? Hope to see you again.


? Does that mean that I can see you again


? Have a good time.


? Good luck.


? I hope nothing is wrong.


? What's the matter


? Oh, no! Is it serious


? I'm sorry for you.


? Have a safe trip home.


三、方向单词 ? East 东 ? South 南 ? West 西

? North 北 ? Left 左 ? Right 右 ? Straight on 往前直去 ? There 那儿 ? Front 前方 ? Back 后方 ? Side 侧旁 ? Before 之前 ? After 之后 ? First left/right 第一个转左/右的路

四、问路常用英语 ? 请问怎么前往飞机场?

How do I get to the airport

? 我怎样到那里?

How can I get there

? 请问怎么前往地下铁路站?

How do I get to the metro station

? 请问怎么前往火车站?

How do I get to the train station

? 从这儿到那里远吗?

How far is it trom here

? 请问附*有没有医院?

Is there a hospital nearby?

? 请问附*有没有公共厕所? Is there a public toilet nearby

? 这条路通到哪里?

Where does this way lead to?

? 请问附*有没有公共电话? Is there a telephone nearby

? 它在哪层楼?

What floor is it on

? 请问附*有没有银行?

Is there a bank nearby?

? 请问附*有没有假日酒店? Is there a holiday hotel nearby

? 我走错方向了吗

Am I in wrong direction

? 这是去邮局的路吗?

Is this the right way to the post office

? 请问怎么前往公车站?

How do I get to the bus station

? 有公共汽车到那儿吗

Does the bus go there

? 请问附*有没有餐厅?

Is there a restaurant nearby

? 对不起,我刚到这儿。

Sorry,I’m a stranger here.

? 请问附*有没有咖啡店? Is there a cafe nearby

? 请问如何前往邮政局?

How do I get to the post office

? 请问附*有没有酒吧?

Is there a bar nearby

? 这附*是否有中国餐厅

Is there a Chinese restaurant around here

? 这附*是否有价位不贵的餐厅

Are there any inexpensive restaurants near here

? 你知道现在哪里还有餐厅是营业的吗

Do you know of any restaurants open now

? 这里有从机场去市中心的巴士吗?

Is there an airport bus(交通工具) to the city(目的地)

? 巴士车站在哪里? Where is the bus stop (taxi stand)

? 乘计程车到市中心需要多少钱?

How much does it cost to the city centre by taxi

? 去希尔顿酒店怎么走? How can I get to Hilton hotel

? 请给我一张市区地图? May I have a city map

? 多少钱?

How much is it

? 不用找钱了。

Keep the change, please.

? 请拉我去这个地址。 Take me to this address, please.

? 到市中心需要多长时间?

How long does it take to go to the city centre

? 请停下来。

Stop here, please.

? 几点发车?

What time does it leave

? 在哪里卖票?

Where can I get a ticket

? 请问几点能够到达那里。

Could you tell me when we get there

? 我能走着去那吗?

Can I walk down there

? 步行到那里需要多长时间?

? How long does it take to get there on foot

? 我能乘巴士去那吗? Can I go there by bus

? 那离这里多远?

How far is it from here

? 我怎么去大教堂? How can I get to the cathedral

? 我在哪乘车?

Where can I get the bus

? 洗手间在哪?

Where is the rest room

? 你能在地图上给我指路吗?

Could you show me the way on this map

? 能写在这吗?

Could you write it down here

? 今天艺术馆开门吗? Is the museum of art open today

? 门票多少钱?

How much is the entrance fee

? 商店最晚开到几点?

How late the department stores are open

? 能给我一个观光册子吗? Can I have a tour brochure

? 你什么时间离开?

What time do you leave

? 多长时间能到那?

How long does it take to get there

? 我怎么到这个地址?

How can I get to this address


● 附*哪有百货商店?

Is there a department store around here

● 我想买条裙子,可以介绍个好的商店吗?

I’d like to buy a skirt. Could you recommend a good shop

● 我在哪里能买到?

Where can I buy it

● 最*的超市怎么走?

Where is the nearest supermarket from here

● 什么时候商店开始营业?? What time do stores open

● 你有其他风格的吗?

Do you have any other style

● 在这有什么特别的吗??

Do you have something special in this area

● 我喜欢棉制的

I’d like something in cotton

● 你们有什么颜色的?

What kind of colors do you have

● 你能为我定购吗

Can you order it for me

● 最大的购物中心怎么走?

Where is the biggest shopping center

● 能找个我这么大号的吗??

Could you show me something in my size

● 我能拿下来吗?

?Can I pick it up

● 你有小一号的吗?

Do you have smaller one

● 你有更大的吗?

?Do you have a bigger one

● 你有其他颜色的这个东西吗?

? Do you have the same thing in any other colors

● 我想看看这个

? I’d like to see this

● 你们接受旅行支票吗

Do you accept traveler’s checks

● 你有什么建议

What would you recommend

● 我能买它免税吗

Can I buy it tax-free

● 我可以试穿吗

Can I try this on

● 换衣间在哪

Where is the fitting room

● 你能送回在中国的这个地址吗

Could you send it to my address in China

● 这就是我的号

This is just my size.

● 太贵啦

It’s too expensive for me

● 能给我看看另一件吗?

Could you show me another one

● 你有别的款式吗

Do you have another design

● 这不是我要找的?

This is not what I’m looking for

● 能带上保险吗

Can I take an insurance

● 我能得到些折扣吗

Can I get a little discount

● 我要 3 个这样的。

I’d like three same as this.

● 是不是帐单有错误?

Is there a mistake in this bill

● 我能看一下这个包吗

Could you show me this bag

● 能换个新的吗

Could you change it for a new one

● 我想退掉它。

I’d like to return this.

● 空运多久能到中国?

How long does it take to reach Chinese by air mail

● 你能修好他或是退款给我吗?

Could you fix it or give me a refund

● 你们接受什么样的信用卡

What kind of credit cards do you


● 我可以再多等会吗? Could I have a few more minutes

● 请给我菜单好吗?

May I have a menu,please?

● 是否有中文菜单?

Do you have a menu in chinese?

● 可否让我看看酒单?

May I see the wine list?

● 餐厅有那几类酒?

What kind of wine do you have?

● 是否可建议一些不错的酒?

Could you recommend some good wine?

● 我想点当地出产的酒。 I'd like to have some local wine.

● 餐厅有些什麽餐前酒?

What kind of drinks do you have for an aperitif?

● 我想要喝法国红酒。 I'd like to have Frence red wine.

● 我可以点餐了吗?

May I order,please?

● 餐厅有今日特餐吗? Do you have today's special?

● 我可以点与那份相同的餐吗?

Can I have the same dish as that?

● 餐厅是否有供应素食餐?

Do you have vegetarian dishs?

● 我是素食主义者, 请给我一份豌豆和花菜。

I’m a vegetarian ,give me a peas and cauliflower,please.

● 餐厅招牌菜是什麽?

What is the specialty of the restaurant

● 牛排要七分熟。

Steak?medium well.

● 就这些了。

That's it. / That's all.

● 请拿账单来,好吗? Could I have the bill, please?

● 请问您怎样付款?

How would you like to pay?

● 把你们的经理叫过来。 Called your manager.

七、食物英文名称称:菜单(menu) A、沙司(Sauce) 1、马乃司沙司(Mayonnaise Sauce) 2、千岛汁(Thousand Islands Dressing) 3、醋油汁(Oil Vinegar) 4、芥末沙司(Mustard Sauce) 5、法式汁(French Dressing)

6、奶酪汁(Cheese Dressing)
7、布朗沙司(Brown Sauce) 8、苹果沙司(Apple Sauce) 9、咖喱沙司(Curry Sauce) 10、奶油沙司(Cream Sauce)
11、番茄沙司(Tomato Sauce) 12、黄油沙司(Butter Sauce)
B、菜肴生熟程度 1、一成熟(Rare-R) 2、三成熟(Medium Rare-MR) 3、五成熟(Medium-M) 4、八成熟(Medium well-MW) 5、全熟(Well-down W)
C、早餐 1、大陆式早餐(Continental Breakfast) 2、美式早餐(American Breakfast)
D、饮料类 1、橙汁(Orange Juice) 2、菠萝汁 (Pineapple Juice) 3、番茄汁(Tomato Juice) 4、柠檬汁(Lemon Juice)

5、西柚汁(Grape fruit Juice) 6、咖啡 (coffee) 7、红茶(Black Tea) 8、牛奶(Milk) 9、椰子(Coco) E、谷物类食品 1、燕麦片(Oatmeal) 2、玉米片(Cornflakes) 3、糖浆(Syrup) 4、蜂蜜(Honey)
F、蛋类 1、煎蛋(Fried Egg) 2、单面煎(Sunny-side up) 3、双面煎(Over Easy) 4、双面煎老蛋(Over Hard) 5、煮蛋(Boiled Egg) 6、炒蛋(Scrambled Egg) 7、水波蛋(Poached Egg) 8、蛋卷(Omelet) 9、清蛋卷(Plain omelet) 10、洋葱蛋卷(Onion omelet) 11、番茄蛋卷(Tomato omelet)

12、火腿蛋卷(Ham omelet)
G、肉类 1、火腿(Ham) 2、香肠(Sausage) 3、烟肉(Bacon)
H、面包 1、烤面包(Toast) 2、面包卷(Roll) 3、半角包(Croissant) 4、黄油(Butter) 5、果酱(Jam) 6、苹果酱(Apple Jam) 7、橘子酱(Marmalade Jam)
I、正餐 1、汤(Soups) 2、色拉(Salads) 3、主菜(Main Courses)
J、甜点 Desserts 1、奶酪(Cheese) 3、蛋糕(Cake)

2、甜品(Sweets) 4、布丁(Pudding)

5、比萨(Pizza) 7、冰淇淋(Ice Gream) 9、香烟(Cigarette)
K、烹调方法 1、煎(Fried) 3、炒(Saute) 5、焖(Braise) 7、烤(Roast) 9、铁扒(Grill)

6、煎饼(Pancake) 8、水果(Fruit)
2、炸(deep-fried) 4、煮(Boil) 6、烩(Stew) 8、焗(Bake) 10、串烧(Broil)